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CIE AV Solutions are the UK’s number one for professional grade AV solutions. We have a great range of SDI distributers and converters which allow you to split and control various signal types and scale or convert them as part of your AV system.
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SDI Distribution Amplifiers & Converters

We have various types ofSDI distribution 放大器可以将信号分为不同的来源,并且像所有SDI AV产品一样,由于该专业级产品的高带宽功能,也可以发射高达300m的信号而不会丢失信号。
We also have SDI extender with HDMI scaler units which can display SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI on HDMI or SDI screens and also has other features such as the SDI ‘loop-thru’ facility which equalises and re-clocks the signal each time it is cascaded, whilst simultaneously outputting the source signal via the HDMI output.
CIE组还提供了一系列SDI矩阵产品,这些产品允许在SDI显示器上显示SDI信号,同时确保高比率为2.970 Gbps,以提供快速信号传输而不会丢失任何信号。
For more information on any of ourSDI distribution amplifiers和转换器s please contact our friendly support team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and find a solution that’s right for you. Call us today on 0115 9770075.阅读更多
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